Flippin FROG®


  • For pools with up to 5,000 gallons of water
  • Great for round pools up to 15′ diameter and oval pools up to 12’x18′
  • Minerals last approximately 6 months
  • Cartridge lasts for 3-4 weeks
  • Unique Float & Flip technology tells you when to replace the chlorine cartridge
  • Kills bacteria 2 ways with minerals and low levels of chlorine
  • Less work with no daily dosing
  • Soft water that’s easy on skin
  • A neutral pH with less monitoring
  • Prevents smelly odors and bleached suits
  • Replace blue chlorine cartridge when Flippin Frog flips over (green mineral cartridge lasts 6 months)

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Complete Pool Care Floater creates Fresh Mineral Water® in pools 2,000 – 5,000 gallons

Stop hauling buckets of chlorine every day. Toss a Flippin’ FROG in the pool instead. Not just a floater, Flippin’ FROG kills bacteria two ways—with FROG Minerals and a small amount of chlorine. The result is Fresh Mineral Water® that feels softer, smells better and won’t bleach swimsuits. Plus, it’ll flip over when it’s time to replace the blue chlorine cartridge— once every 3-4 weeks.

Flippin’ FROG works with its patented minerals and a low dose of chlorine in an easy-to-use, easy-on-the-pocket, dual cartridge system. Best of all, it flips over when the chlorine is empty and needs to be replaced. Simply click the mineral and chlorine cartridges together, tether as directed and set in the pool. The mineral cartridge lasts an entire summer, while the chlorine cartridges last roughly 3-4 weeks. Simply replace the bottom chlorine cartridge when Flippin’ FROG flips over. No touching or pre-measuring chlorine again. Most pool owners haul heavy chlorine buckets to the pool side and dump chlorine into their pool or skimmer on a daily basis. That’s a lot of hassle and those costs add up quickly. Flippin’ FROG operates at only .5 parts per million of chlorine compared to 3-5 parts per million for most pools so you’ll spend less on chlorine and experience soft, silky water all summer.


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