Freshwater Mineral Spa Sanitizer


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Note: Replaces the Silver Ion Sanitizer (new packaging and name)

This mineral sanitizer introduces silver ions into the spa water, inhibiting bacterial growth. It is designed to be used inside of the grey spa filter stand pipe with the handle up.

  • Cartridge lasts 4 months
  • Makes spas easy to manage
  • Works with Freshwater Salt Systems, ACE Saltwater Systems and Chlorine Systems

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove the cartridge halves from its box and push the handle onto the main body of the cartridge.
  2. Above your filters will be white filter cap(s) and one grey one
  3. Unscrew the grey cap. Underneath will be a hollow tube.
  4. Drop the cartridge into the tube with the handle facing up.
  5. Screw the filter cap back on
  6. Replace in four months

Freshwater Mineral Spa Sanitizer works with HotSpring & Caldera brand spas. Note: some models may require an adapter to use the mineral cartridge. Placing the cartridge in the standpipe can reduce the flow. Below are the suggested adapters or placement based on each model.

  • Highlife models- use adapter 76309
  • Limelight models- use adapter 76310
  • HotSpot/Vacanza models- adapter won’t fit, place mineral cartridge on top of filter
  • Utopia/Paradise models- no adapter needed, place mineral cartridge in basket above filter


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